I have been in the commercial, residential, and development construction industries for 31 years. I was licensed as a General Building Contractor in San Francisco, CA, in July, 1977. Over these 31 years I went from starting my own small construction company in San Francisco, doing remodeling and new construction of commercial and residential projects; to the development of a 147 home subdivision with 6 acres of commercial businesses; to working as a Project Manager for one of the largest corporate contractors in Arizona.

The broad range of my construction experience gives me the ability to bring a high level of professional knowledge and understanding of all levels of the construction industry to the arbitration and mediation process. My experience allows me to understand the construction issues of a small company or a large corporation, as well as those of an owner/client.

When I was a young man getting licensed as a General Building Contractor, I did not know the construction business would be so inherently fraught with disputes seemingly just waiting to happen! Over the years I have successfully mediated numerous construction disputes. My success was not just because of my construction experience, but also because I have a sincere dedication and willingness to work to achieve that fair, equitable, and just resolution everyone hopes for.

In arbitration I bring a dedication to the ethics necessary to be a good arbitrator. I have a good procedural knowledge of the arbitration process so it runs efficiently and effectively. In arbitration, as well as in mediation, I have a sincere desire to achieve a fair and just decision.

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