Lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, facilitator and broker, with over 35 years diversified experience in these fields, combined with construction oversight beginning with commercial building loft conversions in the mid-1970s, Jerome brings grace and proven results to conflict resolution. His work as a creative problem-solver, seasoned financial investigator, author, and workshop leader make him a leader in the construction dispute community.


Jerome is an Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) specialist, and has received and/or taught well in excess of 400 hours of ADR training programs. He was invited to present interactive workshop programs at the United Nations, highlighting dispute resolution concepts and tools. A United Nations publication essentially described his programs as “bringing techniques of peacemaking to those endeavoring to bring peace to the world.”

Recognized for his skills, Jerome has served on many distinguished panels including the Construction Dispute Resolution Services (CDRS) mediation, arbitration and Dispute Review Board Panels, the American Arbitration Association (AAA) commercial panel, the AAA Arizona Commercial Leadership Advisory Council, the U.S District Court arbitration panel, the U.S. Arbitration and Mediation panel, the New York Civil Court arbitration panel and the CLC mediation panel.

In 2006 Jerome serves as co-chairman of the Advanced Commercial Mediation Institute (ACMI). Under his leadership, ACMI -- in conjunction with the Harvard University Negotiation Insight Initiative at Harvard Law School and the American Arbitration Association -- presented a two-day international intensive for advanced commercial mediators. Jerome is currently co-chairing the Advanced Commercial Mediation Institute’s 2007 program.

Jerome’s ADR leadership activities include his service as co-founder and co-chairman of the international Advanced Commercial Mediation Institute, devoted to educating advanced commercial dispute resolution professionals; chairman of the Commercial Section of the international Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR); founder and co-chairman of the ACR Commercial Section’s Real Estate and Construction Committee; co-director of the Arizona Dispute Resolution Association; co-founder and co-director of the Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution; chairman of the Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators; and author of journal articles and training programs for dispute resolution and other professionals.


Adept at maintaining his neutrality, Jerome has represented, defended, counseled and litigated both for and against contractors, subcontractors, developers, and inspectors involved in a diverse variety of construction specializations and disciplines. These have included “green” building, as well as traditional projects using standard methods of construction, and covered issues such as residential and commercial construction and inspection defects, and a broad variety of transactional and contractual matters, and real estate issues. He is also available to conduct group “partnering and pre-dispute” facilitations involving all parties, from owner/developer through sub-contractors, for specific construction and development projects.

Jerome’s professional studies have included various aspects of the construction trades. He has personally overseen the planning and construction of residential projects, from contract and budget creation and oversight to project design to construction management; and commercial projects including conversions and new construction.


As an attorney, Jerome’s real estate clients have been involved in commercial and residential transactions, land and resorts, federal land exchanges, construction and development, conversions of multi-story commercial buildings and large apartment complexes, Registrar of Contractor and administrative matters. He has represented real estate brokers and agents, architects, contractors, sub-contractors, and, on the “other side” represented clients prosecuting claims against such professionals.

Jerome was first licensed as a real estate broker in New York State in the early 1980s, and has held an Arizona Department of Real Estate license for 20 years, working both in commercial and residential fields. He holds the National Association of Realtors “GRI” certification (Graduate Realtor Institute), and has successfully completed two of the NAR’s CCIM training programs. His real estate related training exceeds 420 hours specifically related to real estate, finance, and related fields.


Following four years of U.S. Treasury and Justice Department service, Jerome has advised a diverse clientele of individuals, small businesses, corporations (for profit and non-profits) in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the middle and Far East; and a small number of government entities. The country of Bhutan, two of its U.N. ambassadors and members of its royal family, the Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as the Dalai Lama’s Gelugpa Lineage have been among his more unusual clients. He co-directed a national law enforcement project that was the largest of its kind.

Jerome’s hands-on experience building four international businesses allows him to bring considerable added benefits to his clients. Prior to “seeing the light” and devoting himself to mediation and arbitration, he was both a plaintiff and defense attorney, litigating in three U.S. District courts and the highest trial courts in Arizona and New York.


In addition to his more traditional skills, Jerome is an Ordained Interfaith Contemplative Minister. He has written and presented workshops on Conflict Resolution, Aikido Principles, “Defensive Living”®, and stress reduction techniques. He is a student and teacher of the martial art Aikido, earning the rank of Third Degree (“Sandan”) Black Belt, and holds Third Degree Reiki certification. In 1986, Jerome relocated from New York City to Arizona to marry his wife, Linda, an educator.