Nancy Sparrow



Nancy Sparrow has been a mediator since 1983, first in Criminal Court for the Institute for Mediation and Conflict Resolution involving court-referred mediation cases. She has worked as an arbitrator for the National Association for Security Dealers (NASD) since 1998. She mediates for Commercial Court in cases involving cases including construction, home renovation, and contractual disputes among others. She has mediated cases dealing with securities, employment, debtor/creditor, insurance, corporate and personal matters. She is certified in several different areas of mediation. She works for the Civilian Review Board in New York City, mediating disputes involving police officers and is the founder of Mediation Interface (1996). She is eclectic and multi-disciplinary in her approach to problem solving and is familiar with the transformative, facilitative and evaluative forms of mediation. In her dispute resolution course, she covers conflict prevention, management, containment and resolution as well as the underlying dynamic of the importance of dialogue, open communication and generating creative options in the conflict resolution process.


Ms. Sparrow spent her formative years in Turkey, Greece & South Africa. She has mediated many cases involving foreign cultures and is aware of the norms of doing business in other cultures which are different from the way Americans do business. She was awarded Best Mediator in 1994 by the Institute for Mediation & Conflict Resolution. She holds a CSW from Columbia University, JD from City University of New York Law School, & B.A. from Hunter College, New York, with a major in Psychology and English.