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My objective is to combine my cornucopia of skills and my passion for the built environment, neighborhoods, and design into the recourses and tools required for Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) in building and property related cases.  I want to utilize my knowledge of leadership to call upon every person to assume the responsibility of inspiring each other, fostering creativity, and compromising. I will remain impartial and neutral in all interactions with clients, while instilling a culture of ethics, sustainability and social responsibility.


Bachelor of Architecture, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 1977
Architect, Professional License, Wisconsin 1981
Continuing education in multiple fields as required by State of Wisconsin Architectural licensing, Idaho Mediation Association, and American Institute of Architects


Building Codes, Housing, Planning and Zoning                  

    Architect since 1981.

-Chrysalis Architects, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1982-1985.

Residential and Commercial, Master Planning

-Managed own firm in Wisconsin, Platonica, 1985-1990.

Commercial/Residential. Master planning and streetscape design of 30 block area for North Avenue Neighborhood Association, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

-Trout/Young Architects.  Boise, Idaho 1991-1995.

Project Architect on commercial, governmental, and residential buildings,

Hailey,Idaho: City Hall renovations. Project Manager 2004.

-Living Architecture. Ketchum, Idaho  1995- 2004. Healthy buildings.

Owner and manager of multiple housing income properties in Idaho, Utah, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Budgeting and Management                                                      

-Managed building projects and budgets from design through construction, including: Department of Transportation additions, BOD directed and individually owned private buildings, DPW/city projects, private office/medical buildings, low income apartments, BSU student housing, and individual homes. Supervised budgeting, draws, construction and resolved owner -contractor conflicts.

-Manage set design and construction for multiple Theatre companies in Wood River Valley. Committee work with Non Profit groups in Ketchum/Sun Valley, “Fundsy” and WPO/YPO events in Boise. 1995-2008

-Managing Partner for Wildwood of Oconomowoc LLC, Wisconsin.

-While managing individuals and boards, both in construction projects and volunteer groups, I have worked to collaborate with diverse personalities and groups to resolve conflicts and move projects forward.


-Member: Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation (IWCF) Education Grant Committee         

-National Ski Patrol, Bogus Basin 1991-1994, Soldier Mountain 1994-1997

-Member BBSRA (Bogus Basin Ski Racing Alliance) and Bogus Basin Recreational Association 1992-1994

-Board Member (VP) of Montevideo Homeowners Association, Boise -1992-1994. Rewrote and updated Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R’s)

-Led collaborative open meetings for Blaine County Recreational planning. 1998

-Arrowhead Canyon Homeowners Association- Head of Architectural Review Committee 2006-2011

-Led The Community School, (Ketchum,) volunteer force of 200 to hugely successful $150,000+ annual merchandize Sale, 1998-2000

-Girl Scouts of America-Silver Sage Council (life member) Board of Directors 1995-1997

- Currently leading workshops in “Mindful Leading” and “Learning to Lead” to Girl Scout Leaders throughout Idaho (Girl Scouts of America-Silver Sage Council), Volunteer,  2005-present

-Currently Fundraising for YMCA Horse Thief Camp and  “Be the Change”- Boise/ Nsumba Project.

Other Relevant experience includes:

- Master Planning team for “Wapping Docklands” for Greater London Council.as a student.

- Began “Code Connection”- A collaborative newsletter for builders, plan examiners, and architects in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1985.

- Researched care giver codes restrictions and Health Department requirements in elderly housing  in Hawaii for Great Northwest Insurance Company as new product development. 2012

- Mother of 4 adult children, including identical twins (life mediation training) , all successfully launched as journalists (writer/photographer team), RN, and Library scientist.

- Completed ERC (Environmental Resource Center, Ketchum) course on Sustainability, 2005

- Currently managing LLC, and recently completed restoration and renovations to, a 100+ year old estate in Wisconsin.

I am:

         - Able to remain neutral as a mediator/arbitrator

         - Knowledgeable in construction materials and processes.

- Project and goal oriented. Organized, with a strong work ethic to get jobs done.

         - An active listener and active learner. Inspirational.

         - Good at motivating, developing and directing people as they work.

         - Able to analyze needs and requirements to create a design or plan.

         - Personable. Time manager. Creative problem solver and decision maker..

         - A critical thinker with a fluency of ideas, able to use inductive and deductive reasoning.

         - Able to manage financial and human resources with a high stress tolerance.