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Sandy Dunn has been an active builder since 1970. She is the President of B.J. Builders, Inc., a business her father founded in 1953. She is a licensed Real Estate Broker. She owns and operates her own company, Homestead Realty, which she founded in 1974. In 1985 she became a Certified General Appraiser.


Sandy was graduated from West Virginia University with a BS degree in Business Administration. Every year since 1970 she has taken 7 hours of continuing education in Real Estate and 14 hours of continuing education for Appraisers. An example of the classes she has taken are:

Residential Construction
Mold, Radon, Asbestos, Lead Paint & Water, Carbon Monoxide & the Healthy Home.
National USPAP Course
Environmental Update
Environmental Considerations
Appraisal & Litigation Seminar
Client Centric Negotiations
Legal Lifesavers
Appraising High Value Residential Properties


Beginning her career in 1970, Sandy Dunn is a second generation home builder. Sandy has built everything from a 900 square foot house to a 6,500 foot square foot house plus a few light commercial buildings. She is President of B. J. Builders, Inc, a company her father founded in 1953.

In 1974 Sandy became a Real Estate Broker and founded Homestead Realty, which became the leading real estate company in the county. This business goes hand in hand with her building company.

In 1985 Sandy became a Certified General Appraiser, appraising both residential and commercial properties in a six county area.


Sandy Dunn has been actively involved in the National Association of Home Builders, on the local, state and national levels since 1976. She has served on and chaired many committees' at all three levels of the association. She then became the President of her local association in 1987, President of her state association in 1991 and 1992 and went on to be
the 2008 President of the National Association of Home Builders. She currently serves as a Past President on the Executive Board of NAHB and is a Senior Life Director. She is still active at the local and state levels serving as a life director on both Executive Boards.


Greater Charleston Association of Home Builders - Past President
West Virginia Home Builders Association - Past President
National Association of Home Builders - Past President
Huntington Board of Realtors
WV Association of Realtors
National Association of Realtors
Mason County Chamber of Commerce - Past Secretary
Point Pleasant Restoration Foundation, DBA Main Street Point Pleasant - President