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Gary Schreiner is an attorney and professional mediator with hundreds of hours of experience in the mediatorís chair.  He is licensed to practice law in Idaho and Utah, is recognized as a Certified Professional Mediator and Certified Mediation Trainer by the Idaho Mediation Association, and is recognized as a Master Mediator and Primary Trainer by the Utah State Courts.   Recent construction-related case practice has included disputes involving HVAC systems, framing, concrete, electrical systems, architectural design, contracts and drywall.

Mr. Schreiner received a B.A. in International Relations from Brigham Young University and a J.D. from the University of Utah College of Law.  Following law school, he served as general counsel for a mortgage loan servicing and document management company based in Idaho Falls, Idaho until opening his private practice.  Mr. Schreinerís law practice focuses on real estate, business and family law issues, and is legal counsel for a real estate developer. 


ADR-Related Experience

Mr. Schreiner has worked with the Utah Administrative Office of the Courts Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution, served as the Coordinator for Mediation and Community Justice Programs for Idaho's Seventh Judicial District from 2003-2005 and currently oversees the Small Claims Court Mediation Program in the Seventh District.  He developed coordinated case management practices in family law cases, with a goal of further integrating alternative dispute resolution practices into the court system, under contract with the Idaho Supreme Court.  He helped create and was a founding board member of the Grand Teton Mediation Association, and currently serves on the board of directors of the Idaho Mediation Association.  He has received and presented over 800 hours of mediation training. 


Professional Licenses and Memberships

Idaho State Bar, Attorney member

Idaho State Bar, Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, Attorney member.

United States District Court, District of Idaho

Utah State Bar, Attorney member

Utah State Bar, Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, Attorney member.

United States District Court, District of Utah

American Bar Association (1999-2004)

American Inns of Court


Idaho Mediation Association, Certified Professional Mediator

Idaho Mediation Association, Professional Lead Trainer

Idaho Supreme Court, Child Custody Mediator Roster

Idaho Supreme Court, Parenting Coordinator Roster

Idaho Agricultural Mediation Program, Mediator Roster

Utah Administrative Office of the Courts, Master Mediator Designation

Utah Administrative Office of the Courts, Primary Trainer

Victim-Offender Mediation Association (2003-2006)

Grand Teton Mediation Association



Differentiated Case Management and Case Coordination: Policy and Procedure Manual for Family Law Cases, Idaho Supreme Court, 2005


Probate Mediation in Utah: Where did it Come From, Where is it Now, Where is it Going?, Utah Bar Journal, Aug.-Sept. 2002.